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Healing with Hypnotherapy

Though issues or symptoms vary, a common cause of low performance, anxiety,

fear and illness is past trauma. Finding out which events, and the emotions or misconceptions we hold from those events, can be the path to healing present symptoms. Having the subconscious mind explore what the conscious mind cannot, and providing compassionate support in those moments of need, is why hypnotherapy is so effective in healing a variety of symptoms, those diagnosed,

and those that have no diagnosis.

Healing Stories


Using self hypnosis, and a process of refocusing to her hands instead of her forehead, lessened migraine pain, but uncovering and healing the emotion of an initiating event changed debilitating migraines to infrequent headaches. 

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Fear of Public Places

Healing numerous fear-laden events from their childhood, along with a daily self hypnosis routine of visualizations and affirmations, helped this client no longer have anxiety when leaving their home and speaking in social settings.


Night Terrors

My client had had years of talk therapy and felt secure until the night terrors began. She discovered through two sessions of hypnosis that an abusive childhood event was the cause. With this new awareness, they disappeared. 

Parkinson's Tremors

My first experience with the power of hypnosis for Parkinson's was while conducting a pain relief class for residents at a senior living facility; a resident there suffered the tremors of Parkinson's. As he went deeper into a relaxed state, his hands quieted considerably. He was amazed to experience quick and profound relief  for an affliction he believed was uncontrollable.    

UTI-Anxiety-Panic Attacks

This client was experiencing a multitude of symptoms making her life miserable. Her anxiety, and fear of being in the world had many origins, but by building her self esteem, using daily self hypnosis to calm anxiety, suggestions around bladder control and helping her set healthy boundaries with her family members, she gained back the quality of life she craved in four sessions.

Race & Gender Sensitivity

A lifelong insecurity, due to the color of her skin and her gender, left my client feeling uncomfortably noticed in public. In just one session we worked on strengthening her self image to match the powerful women of color she admired, and it brought the security and peace of mind she needed while being out in the world. I love when profound change happens quickly.

"The work on confidence has been extremely successful. I am much more comfortable talking
with strangers, looking people in the eye, feeling ok with being away from home, etc."

“I appreciate your kind heart, absence of judgement, and willingness to help me find my way.” 

“I just want to tell you how powerful my hypnotherapy session was yesterday and how much I’ve been reflecting on it! I accessed emotions that have been buried for so long. I never could have done it without your skill and ability to create a feeling of safety!”

"The visit with my sister who has a dog and cat was a success!.  I have been faithful listening to the recording (6 times daily), and really enjoy how it relaxes me!  Although I took precautions, like taking  my mild antihistamine, as well as washing hands after petting, I didn't 'feel' allergic at any time."

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