Brit Lesnett_Medical Hypnosis

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I look forward to helping you accomplish your goals- to feel more joy, ease, and comfort in your life. My focus is

on helping you reduce anxiety and pain, improve your self-confidence and motivation, and release any negative thought patterns or past trauma.

Using proven techniques, along with your inner wisdom, we'll create a path for positive change.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - ACHE

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners


Certified Integrative Medical Hypnosis Practitioner- ICBCH

International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists

What I love about being a Hypnotherapist...

I find joy in empowering others to feel a sense of control in their life, regardless of condition or circumstance. Being born into a multi-generational medical family, I have always been fascinated by the miracle that is our body, as well as how our thoughts and feelings affect our health and well being. With hypnotherapy, I employ this mind/body connection as a tool for change.


Hypnosis facilitates access to the deepest part of ourselves and can foster change fairly quickly. In this deeply relaxed state, not only are we in touch with our memories, our intuition, and our dreams, we have increased receptivity to suggestion, resulting in an effective tool for mind/body healing.

I love witnessing the clarity and increased comfort someone has after years of discomfort. I trust each individual will explore what they need to explore, heal how they need to heal. I believe the answers are within  and my work is to facilitate accessing them. Change may be subtle or profound, but results invariably improve quality of life as clients expand their resources and lean into their inner guidance for change and healing. It's an honor to foster the discovery and see positive change unfold.

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“Using regression hypnosis sessions, Brit Lesnett helped me address what has been causing me ongoing anxiety. After a few sessions, the anxiety was gone and I am much happier than I have ever been. I highly recommend her.”