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Free Phone Consultation


During the consultation we'll review the issue(s) as well as any concerns, and if this therapy is right for you, we'll schedule your first session.

If you are local, I prefer to meet in person. The offices I work out of are quiet and well-ventilated. If you have mobility issues, I can travel to you for an additional fee, or meet online. Sessions over Zoom are just as effective if that is your preference. 

Cancellations require a minimum of  24-hour notice.


$135/Session - 5 Session Package-$625

HSA cards accepted

Personalized Recordings - $75

Imagine a recording that is all about YOU and the goals you'd like to achieve. You may have a weight loss goal, a performance goal, or just need help falling and staying asleep. You may want affirmations to support a new habit, boost self confidence, or to heal your body. Personalized Recordings are in MP4 format for you to listen to at your convenience, generally at night before sleep. Positive suggestions work best with repetition. Once we establish your goals, during the phone consultation or our sessions together, I'll create a recording that will deeply relax you while supporting the goals you'd like to achieve. Another tool for your Thrive Toolkit!

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